Covenant Underwriters is developing new ways to excel in difficult markets

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10 lines of business on a single customizable policy


Programs built on decades of writing a certain niche


Underwriting platform with API data and real-time partner access


Automated submission, policy delivery, billing, and claims

A new approach to an old problem

We know the grind of placing your complex accounts year after year, with paperwork and wholesalers eating away at your margins.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Why We’re Different

At Covenant, insurance industry veterans have come together to solve the quandary of difficult insurance markets. We pictured a world without burdensome submissions, constrained forms, confusing financing, and paper. Then we made that idea a reality. Our combination of product and technology streamlines E+S and specialty markets, unleashing massive potential for our brokers and our carriers.

E-Commerce Insurance Programs

Covenant has contracted with best-in-class partners to offer an unrivaled insurance placement experience.  We harness big data to provide a rate indication with only an address.  Trained brokers can buy up limits at the point of sale.  The policy is delivered instantly upon binding.  With 12-month billing, your client may forget their expiration date.

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We are currently laser-focused on our primary niche of coastal cat-exposed motels and hotels.  Click the link below to learn more about this product.

That said, we already have significant data and broker interest in a few other niches.  Please contact us below for more information.

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